Saturday, January 5, 2013

Yarn Wrapped Wreath, Adventures with Pinterest

So I was reviewing my photos from the past year and realized I tried a lot of random ideas from Pinterest, which is kinda nice to know I am actually trying out some of the thousands of pins I have found. I figured I could share some of them with you and let you know what I think of them.

One of the first ones Ill share with you today is a simple yarn wrapped wreath. Here is the picture of the wreath I pinned.  The link to the original site is below the picture.

original inspiration from ETSY

I thought the wreath was cute and I had a few grapevine wreaths in storage, what could it hurt to try it out?  I found the brightest happiest green yarn I had in my stash and started to wrap...

And after one time completely around I gave it another go because I wasn't feeling the gaps.

I ended up going around 3 times total to get the coverage I wanted.  

Then I crochet a small red bow, dug out random red white and green buttons, and glued them all on. I recommend hot glue.  I did make a larger wreath and used tacky glue and it didn't hold up like the hot glued wreath.


This one turned out really cute.  I would recommend this project to anyone.  Kids could even handle this one with some help from an adult. It even makes a great gift, just ask my sister and grandmother! 

Happy yarn wrapping!

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