Thursday, January 10, 2013

Simple Infinity Scarf

In my never ending yarn stash I had several fun fur type yarns.  They were really pretty and soft but VERY hard to work with.  So there they sat waiting for me to use them in some way.  Then one day I took the blue based one and just started to play around with different stitches.  Oddly enough the simplest stitch looked the best.  What was the stitch?  Just a long long chain,  one of the very first stitches you learn.

After I made a really long chain I connected the ends and wrapped it around and around and POOF fuzzy infinity scarf.

Blue based one wrapped once, Bighead417
I added the ones Im not wearing to the shop just in time for winter.  If your not up for stitching your own, feel free to check out the ones I have listed and enjoy a 10% discount on your purchase with the code simplefunideas . 

Happy Crocheting!

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