Thursday, January 10, 2013

Crochet Purse, Adventures with Pinterest

I learned to crochet years ago from my mom and grandmother during summer vacations and weekends.  Through the years I would crochet a chain or maybe a small square and let the Barbies have it, but I honestly don't remember finishing an entire project. Now many many years later I have picked it up again, and guess what?  I actually finish projects!  One of the projects I finished this summer was a slouchy purse in a nice mellow yellow cotton yarn.

I found the tutorial through Pinterest,

Fat bag tutorial

Although this appears to be a little overwhelming, I found it to be very easy to follow and a rather quick project to work up.  I took a couple of pictures of my bag while I was working on it.  This first one is about half way through the body of the bag. 

The following two pictures show the lining being pinned to the bag. 

There are really good instructions on how to attach the lining with the tutorial, this was my first time adding a lining to a crochet purse and I didn't have any problems. 

And the final picture is of the bag, not completed, but I was waiting for my yarn delivery to finish it. You get the idea though. 

So I would consider this pin a success. I think that someone rather new to crocheting could conquer this  bag with ease.  If I were going to make it again I think I would make some sort of closure since the original doesn't have one and it kinda just hangs open.

My advice would be that you don't be intimidated by the projects that you find.  It never hurts to just try them out and see what happens.  If it ends up being a bust, shake it off and move on.

Happy crocheting!

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