Thursday, January 10, 2013

Simple Infinity Scarf

In my never ending yarn stash I had several fun fur type yarns.  They were really pretty and soft but VERY hard to work with.  So there they sat waiting for me to use them in some way.  Then one day I took the blue based one and just started to play around with different stitches.  Oddly enough the simplest stitch looked the best.  What was the stitch?  Just a long long chain,  one of the very first stitches you learn.

After I made a really long chain I connected the ends and wrapped it around and around and POOF fuzzy infinity scarf.

Blue based one wrapped once, Bighead417
I added the ones Im not wearing to the shop just in time for winter.  If your not up for stitching your own, feel free to check out the ones I have listed and enjoy a 10% discount on your purchase with the code simplefunideas . 

Happy Crocheting!

Crochet Purse, Adventures with Pinterest

I learned to crochet years ago from my mom and grandmother during summer vacations and weekends.  Through the years I would crochet a chain or maybe a small square and let the Barbies have it, but I honestly don't remember finishing an entire project. Now many many years later I have picked it up again, and guess what?  I actually finish projects!  One of the projects I finished this summer was a slouchy purse in a nice mellow yellow cotton yarn.

I found the tutorial through Pinterest,

Fat bag tutorial

Although this appears to be a little overwhelming, I found it to be very easy to follow and a rather quick project to work up.  I took a couple of pictures of my bag while I was working on it.  This first one is about half way through the body of the bag. 

The following two pictures show the lining being pinned to the bag. 

There are really good instructions on how to attach the lining with the tutorial, this was my first time adding a lining to a crochet purse and I didn't have any problems. 

And the final picture is of the bag, not completed, but I was waiting for my yarn delivery to finish it. You get the idea though. 

So I would consider this pin a success. I think that someone rather new to crocheting could conquer this  bag with ease.  If I were going to make it again I think I would make some sort of closure since the original doesn't have one and it kinda just hangs open.

My advice would be that you don't be intimidated by the projects that you find.  It never hurts to just try them out and see what happens.  If it ends up being a bust, shake it off and move on.

Happy crocheting!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Recycled Picture

My sister brought me a picture/wall hanging she had at her house and wanted it revamped.  This is super simple to do and if you didn't have an old tired wall hanging you could easily thrift one.  She wanted a picture of the Adirondack mountains from Lake Placid NY on it.

I pulled out my acrylic paints and did one coat of each section directly over the cardboard picture that was in the frame.

Then I did a second coat on the background and added mountains and a tree. 

Little more drying time and I added another coat where it was needed and added a trunk of the tree. 

Finally I got out black paint and outlined everything and added a chair and some apples. 

Super simple picture to recreate. Its mostly basic shapes.  With a little imagination you can make mass production decorations in your house original pieces of art to show off.  It doesn't matter if it is "perfect" because really who is to say what perfect is?  Make this year the year you try to be a little more creative.  Simple touches of art like this are what makes the shell of a house a true home.  

Happy Painting!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Yarn Wrapped Wreath, Adventures with Pinterest

So I was reviewing my photos from the past year and realized I tried a lot of random ideas from Pinterest, which is kinda nice to know I am actually trying out some of the thousands of pins I have found. I figured I could share some of them with you and let you know what I think of them.

One of the first ones Ill share with you today is a simple yarn wrapped wreath. Here is the picture of the wreath I pinned.  The link to the original site is below the picture.

original inspiration from ETSY

I thought the wreath was cute and I had a few grapevine wreaths in storage, what could it hurt to try it out?  I found the brightest happiest green yarn I had in my stash and started to wrap...

And after one time completely around I gave it another go because I wasn't feeling the gaps.

I ended up going around 3 times total to get the coverage I wanted.  

Then I crochet a small red bow, dug out random red white and green buttons, and glued them all on. I recommend hot glue.  I did make a larger wreath and used tacky glue and it didn't hold up like the hot glued wreath.


This one turned out really cute.  I would recommend this project to anyone.  Kids could even handle this one with some help from an adult. It even makes a great gift, just ask my sister and grandmother! 

Happy yarn wrapping!