Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Twine Cowboy Lamps

A friend at work sent me a link to a site that made twine lights. I thought I would give it a try and make them gifts for Christmas.

What you need:

Twine: There are two kinds of twine. The cheap stuff for a dollar and the polished twine for five dollars at Wal-Mart. The Wal-Mart twine is open stock which is nice because you know if you run out they are always going to carry it. What is nice about the polished twine is it is easier to work with and with the twine lights I noticed that the polished twine dries harder. The twine for a dollar I found at my local Dollar General store. This stuff is thinner and is not polished...more of a rough feel. However, it does not dry as hard as the polished twine but it does instead have a more finished look to the lamp when it is complete.

Glue: I used Tacky Glue and I would like everyone who buys this to get it at Wal-Mart. It runs about three dollars cheaper than Michaels or JoAnns charges.

Balloons: I used cheap balloons from the Dollar Store. The bad thing about balloons are it is hard to find a perfect round balloon. This sucks if you are making more than one lamp (light fixture perhaps?). You can also use a round ball from the kids section of Wal Mart. They sell these balls for about a dollar and they are a perfect round shape.

Next you will need to dump some glue into a bowl. Blow up a balloon to your desired shape or size. You will then moisten the twine with the glue. I just dipped my fingers in the glue and then ran it along the twine. This helped with there being no excess glue clumped all over. Wrap the balloon with the twine. When you like what it looks like stop and let the balloon dry overnight.

To make sure the balloon dried without sticking to anything, I hung it on a hanger to dry overnight.

I left a small opening at one end of the balloon for placing a light bulb/light fixture.

After 24 hours take the balloon and pop it. If you use a balloon this is easy because after the balloon is popped it will then be easy to remove. If you are using one of the child toy balls it will be harder to remove the ball.

Now your twine ball is ready for a light! I upcycled an old window light (friendship light/candle) and placed the twine ball on top of it. This made a nice table lamp. I also used my twine balls to replace old lamps on a lighting fixture I had. You can also see that picture above as well. The candle table lamp was made with the polished twine and the ceiling fixture was made with the unpolished dollar twine.

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