Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Wow its been a while since our last post. I am apparently a horrid blogger. I have done many lil projects since my last post but I fail to take ANY pictures as I go. Hmm...

In an attempt to redeem myself somewhat I have a small project that I have done recently with odds and ends from my summer vacation to Lake Placid NY. Lake Placid is the home to two winter Olympics and unbelievably beautiful views. It was my sons very first vacation and he was partial to.... sticks?! Ya, I know, sticks. Well being his mom I didn't want to get rid of his special sticks from his first vacation, but what to do with em so they didn't get thrown in the fireplace.

After a little brainstorming I came up with the below vacation keepsake. A shadowbox that holds his sticks around the frame, raw gems from High Falls Gorge, and the back is a portion of a map the city had in all of the shops to help you navigate the area.

I had a crappy shadow box from a yard sale that I tore apart, cut my little map to fit the back board glued in place painted black and hot glued the gems and sticks. Super easy and a beautiful reminder of our first vacation to Lake Placid.

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  1. nice project. i have some rocks from my vacation that i can turn into a craft too as well.