Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tulle Ghost

So with my Halloween party this weekend my house is looking more and more spooky! Recently a ghost took up residence in my living room. He just hangs out in the corner patiently awaiting saturdays guests.

He was actually very east to make. I went to a firemans auction in September and happened across a bag full of tulle for $1.00! Well of course I couldn't pass it up and when that lovely bag of tulle made it home and was emptied I found bells in it! You know what I mean by bells, those ones from weddings for decorations?

When I started to decorate for the party I opened the bell and draped the tulle over it then using invisible thread I sewed up a ghost! Now that was easy and fun!


Monday, October 18, 2010

Simple Spiderweb

Creepy and simple! All you need is yarn, package of webs, package of plastic spiders, and a staple gun! My big spider is made from pipe cleaners and small balls of yarn I rolled up! SOOOOO simple but soooooo creepy! For my halloween party I will be adding a strobe light at the top of the stairwell to add to the creepy-ness!

On a side note, I am planing on painting the stairwell so I went to town with the staple gun, you may want to find a different route if you dont want to fill a million little holes after halloween!