Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Restaurant Booth Makeover

Construction Junction is a warehouse in Pittsburgh that houses recycled products from old businesses, homes, buildings, around the area. They sell everything from hot water tanks tobuffets for a restaurant. Last October I went there and found this little booth (above).

After bringing home the booth I started to take it apart to see what I would need to refinish it. The frame was in perfect condition but the black vinyl smelled heavily of smoke (guessing this was in a bar).

The padding in the seat and the springs were in great condition so I made my shopping list which was the following:

  • Upholstery fabric
  • Staple gun/Staples
  • Padding for the back of the booth

The fabric I bought was in the bargain bin at my local Joann's. It was on sale for 7 dollars a yard which was a steal considering it was originally 34 dollars a yard. I purchased about 3 yards.

I started by adding the new padding to the back of the seat and then by adding the new upholstery. I did the same to the bottom cushion as well. Below is a picture of meow meow on the seat cushion before I used the staple gun on the upholstery.

This is the finished product in my kitchen (below). You can see the nostalgic chairs that I bought to match. The bottom of the booth is unfinished but I am looking to repaint the bottom with black enamel paint.

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