Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cheapo Tables

In May we went to a twilight yard sale in Cranberry and just happened upon three retro tables in perfect condition. The nice woman said they were her mothers and wanted three dollars for them. We were fully ready to pay the 9 bucks and hightail it to our car but were floored when we found out she wanted 3 dollars for all of them!!! WHOOOPEEE!!!

I dont have a good before picture of them but I do have a semi before to give you an idea.

Cute HUH? Well I painted the tops of all three with plain white acrylic paint and let my imagination roll,

And began to paint...

And made a "pool table"

Super easy and a nice addition to any game room!

Though that was just one table and I said there were three. The next one I painted to match my sisters bedroom.

That took a bit more then circles but still easy to paint. The final table is currently holding a keyboard, don't ask, but will get painted when I figure out what I want on it.


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