Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tulle Ghost

So with my Halloween party this weekend my house is looking more and more spooky! Recently a ghost took up residence in my living room. He just hangs out in the corner patiently awaiting saturdays guests.

He was actually very east to make. I went to a firemans auction in September and happened across a bag full of tulle for $1.00! Well of course I couldn't pass it up and when that lovely bag of tulle made it home and was emptied I found bells in it! You know what I mean by bells, those ones from weddings for decorations?

When I started to decorate for the party I opened the bell and draped the tulle over it then using invisible thread I sewed up a ghost! Now that was easy and fun!


Monday, October 18, 2010

Simple Spiderweb

Creepy and simple! All you need is yarn, package of webs, package of plastic spiders, and a staple gun! My big spider is made from pipe cleaners and small balls of yarn I rolled up! SOOOOO simple but soooooo creepy! For my halloween party I will be adding a strobe light at the top of the stairwell to add to the creepy-ness!

On a side note, I am planing on painting the stairwell so I went to town with the staple gun, you may want to find a different route if you dont want to fill a million little holes after halloween!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fall Vest

SO, Old Navy had a super cute faux fur vest attached to a shirt on their site but sadly very over priced. 30.00 bucks for a shirt vest combo is not acceptable by me. Joanne fabric bound I was to recreate my own fur vest for fall. I bought1/2 a yard of the leopard faux fur, cause I love tacky, and spent a whopping 6.99. When I came home I chopped up a t shirt and sewed up my vest! See below!

Here is Old Navy's (Pic from their site)

I took an old shirt (Ironically from Old Navy) folded it in half chopped up the middle also cut the sleeves off at the seams.

Measured how long i wanted it to be and cut.

Laid that on the fur and used as a template marked with a marker and cut.

Sewed all the cut pieces together and Wha lah!

Now this is pretty obvious that it is not exactly like what Old Navy is selling, but it is what I like and for only about 7 bucks WELL worth the time and effort! What are you waiting for ???!!! Go buy some faux fur and make a vest!


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Party pops!

Here is the first of the projects I promised! We have a picnic to go to on Sunday and I always like to take treats, this year we are taking cupcake pops. Bakerella has a wonderful tutorial on how to make these puppies you can find it here, Make Your Cupcakes Pop! « . For my first attempt I think they are pretty darned cute! I do need some practice on the whole dipping thing, but other then that these were super easy to make!

Friday, September 3, 2010

MANY projects

I have many many projects in the works. None of them are finished but they are all soooooo close. Stay tuned for loads of fun stuff! Until I get some finished, please enjoy this picture to wet your DIY appetites!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cheapo Tables

In May we went to a twilight yard sale in Cranberry and just happened upon three retro tables in perfect condition. The nice woman said they were her mothers and wanted three dollars for them. We were fully ready to pay the 9 bucks and hightail it to our car but were floored when we found out she wanted 3 dollars for all of them!!! WHOOOPEEE!!!

I dont have a good before picture of them but I do have a semi before to give you an idea.

Cute HUH? Well I painted the tops of all three with plain white acrylic paint and let my imagination roll,

And began to paint...

And made a "pool table"

Super easy and a nice addition to any game room!

Though that was just one table and I said there were three. The next one I painted to match my sisters bedroom.

That took a bit more then circles but still easy to paint. The final table is currently holding a keyboard, don't ask, but will get painted when I figure out what I want on it.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Restaurant Booth Makeover

Construction Junction is a warehouse in Pittsburgh that houses recycled products from old businesses, homes, buildings, around the area. They sell everything from hot water tanks tobuffets for a restaurant. Last October I went there and found this little booth (above).

After bringing home the booth I started to take it apart to see what I would need to refinish it. The frame was in perfect condition but the black vinyl smelled heavily of smoke (guessing this was in a bar).

The padding in the seat and the springs were in great condition so I made my shopping list which was the following:

  • Upholstery fabric
  • Staple gun/Staples
  • Padding for the back of the booth

The fabric I bought was in the bargain bin at my local Joann's. It was on sale for 7 dollars a yard which was a steal considering it was originally 34 dollars a yard. I purchased about 3 yards.

I started by adding the new padding to the back of the seat and then by adding the new upholstery. I did the same to the bottom cushion as well. Below is a picture of meow meow on the seat cushion before I used the staple gun on the upholstery.

This is the finished product in my kitchen (below). You can see the nostalgic chairs that I bought to match. The bottom of the booth is unfinished but I am looking to repaint the bottom with black enamel paint.

Napkins + Sewing = Pillow

Here is a super easy peasy sewing project for ya. Went to a yard sale recently and I found a large tablecloth and 9 napkins all for only $3.50! The pattern is a bit overwhelming but will look great on the patio wicker. Sooooo here is your project...

You will need:
Sewing machine
2 cloth napkins
stuffing of your choice

Take 2 napkins, iron them, and place them with good sides together.

Pin at all four corners, you can do more if you want.

Place your presser foot right along the seam sew 3 sides leaving one side open.

Trim extra strings and the corners (carefully).

Flip right side out, stuff in your pillow, stuffing, or even old t shirts, and sew shut.